Legal Aid Practice Management Software

Helping solicitors who help people.

LEAP provides a completely integrated legal aid case management, time recording and billing software solution to help you manage your legal aid matters. Covering both Criminal and Civil legal aid work for England and Wales. LEAP works closely with the Legal Aid Agency and as a member of their Software Vendor Support Group we can make regular enhancements to the software ensuring all rates and forms are

LEAP is a firm supporter of solicitors who carry out publicly funded work and has committed significant development resources to allow for law firms to be proficient on their legal aid matters.

Legal Aid Compliant | Legal Aid Practice Management Software - LEAP UK
  • Smarter bolt on payments for Mental Health and Immigration
  • Simplified generation of CWA Monthly Billing upload
  • Access to a library of up-to-date legal aid forms
  • Multiple time, fee, and disbursement entry
  • Easy recording of FAS, CPGFS and PFLRS fixed fees for Family
  • Automatic fixed fee allocation for billing Crime and Civil Controlled Work