Civil Case Management

The legal aid matter screens are tailored to display fields relevant to the selected category of law. Only the category relevant legal aid rates, fees and reporting codes are displayed. Information captured on the matter form and specific time entries will be populated through to the billing forms, and CWA Monthly Submission generation.

Signature forms include:

  • Family & Care
  • Immigration
  • Mental Health
  • Housing
  • Mediation
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Public Law
  • Welfare Benefits

  • Education
  • Personal Injury
  • Debt
  • Community Care
  • Claims Against Public Authority
  • Consumer General
  • Employment
  • Miscellaneous

View all automated legal forms available to LEAP clients.

Civil Billing Module

LEAP handles the billing complexities associated with Civil Fee Schemes. Depending on the Civil Category selected, the appropriate Fixed Fees and Hourly Rates will be populated.

Billing for all Civil Legal Aid types are completely automated and calculated instantly. The seamless integration to the accounts ledger allows Fee Earners and Support Staff to record all attendances, expenses and cost recoveries throughout the progress of the case to create a Legal Aid compliant claim.

Civil Billing Module | LEAP Legal Software UK
Family and Care Civil Billing Module | LEAP Legal Software UK

Family and Care Civil Billing Module

The Family and Care Civil Billing Module is based on the Family Help and Care Proceedings Fee Scheme.

The module is completely automated to handle all the complicated Legal Aid Family and Care Fee Schemes including the Care Proceeding Graduated Fee scheme (CPGFS), the Private Family Law Representation Scheme (PFLRS) and the Family Advocacy Scheme (FAS).

Immigration Billing Module

Use the bolt on payment feature to capture additional fees to be claimed, such as Home Office interview fees, and case management reviews.

Automatic allocation of the fixed fees when that matter is recorded under the graduated fee scheme.

Immigration Billing Module | LEAP Legal Software UK
Mental Health Billing Module | LEAP Legal Software UK

Mental Health Billing Module

Automatic calculation of additional fees to be claimed for such adjourned hearing fees and remote travel.

Auto generation of appropraite fixed fee when invoicing your claim.

Time Recording

Capture every minute and record time for all Civil Billing activities including, Advocacy, Attendance, Attendance with Counsel, Preparation, Travel and Waiting, and fixed fee items such as letters and calls. All activities and cost recovery items can be recorded in the one.

Civil Rates and Charges populated for each Time Activity will depend on the Civil Category and the Billing Stage of the case.

Civil Time Recording | LEAP Legal Software UK
Civil Cost Recoveries | LEAP Legal Software UK

Cost Recoveries

LEAP will automatically populate the relevant Legal Aid rate for Expert Fees inline with the Legal Aid Agency standard fees.

Disbursements entered into the matter will be immediately available for billing and submitting to the Legal Aid Agency.

Monthly Bulkload Submission

Civil and Family Legal Aid providers can generate the Monthly Civil Bulkload Spreadsheet within LEAP for Legal Help work/Controlled Work. The Bulkload Spreadsheet can then be electronically uploaded to the Contracted Work and Administration (CWA) digital billing service via the Legal Aid Agency Online Portal.

The Civil Bulkload Spreadsheet will automatically merge all data entered into a matter and auto-populate all required reporting fields for submission. Depending on the Claim Type selected, LEAP will display fields relevant to that Claim Type for upload to the CWA.

A summary of monthly submissions is available to keep on top of cash flow.

Civil Monthly Bulkload Submission | LEAP Legal Software UK