Criminal Case Management

The electronic matter in LEAP will capture the required Criminal Legal Aid contract details relevant for an individual case.

The information recorded in a matter will be entered once and populated throughout the case into forms, documents and monthly submissions generated within LEAP.

Criminal Case Management | LEAP Legal Software UK

Criminal Billing Module

The Legal Aid Billing Module for criminal defence work in LEAP overcomes the complex process associated with Criminal Legal Aid claims for the following stages:

  • Attendance at the Police Station
  • Representation at the Magistrates Court
  • Appeals and Reviews Processes
  • Prison Law
  • Crown Court (LGFS/AGFS)

The seamless integration to the accounts ledger allows Fee Earners and Support Staff to record all attendances, expenses and cost recoveries during the progress of the case to create a Legal Aid compliant claim.

The simple yet sophisticated Legal Aid Rate Calculation functionality calculates the Standard Fixed Fee or Hourly Rate for the claim, according to the stage reached and the outcome of the case.

Criminal Billing Module | LEAP Legal Software UK
Criminal Legal Aid Police Station Work | LEAP Legal Software UK

Police Station Work

LEAP lists all Police Stations and holds their corresponding Fixed Fees.

For each individual matter the relevant Police Station Fixed Fee will automatically be assigned when invoicing the claim. The overall value of an outcome is therefore the Fixed Fee for the scheme the police station is in, plus any disbursements.

Actual Profit and Waiting Costs are still recorded to be able to identify when a case has exceeded the Exceptional Case threshold. When the Exceptional Case threshold is exceeded, LEAP provides the option to complete a CRM18 accordingly.

The Police Station Fixed Fee will be automatically allocated at the time of invoicing the investigations claim.

Court Duty Work

Legal aid practitioners that are registered court duty solicitors can easily record attendances on their computer or mobile – even during weekend sessions.

Recorded entries will be available to be lodged for the next monthly submission.

Criminal Court Duty Work | LEAP Legal Software UK
Criminal Time Recording | LEAP Legal Software UK

Time Recording

The Time Recording feature of LEAP provides the ability to record time for all Criminal Billing activities including, Advocacy, Attendance, Attendance with Counsel, Preparation, Travel and Waiting.

LEAP ensures that the Criminal Rates and Charges displayed for each Time Activity reflects the current criminal stage of the case. Criminal lawyers have the ability to record Time, Fee and Cost Recovery items directly onto the matter using the multi billable items form.

Activity items recorded in LEAP will merge with relevant crime forms (CRM11, CRM7, and CRM18) to auto-populate time entries recorded in the matter.

Cost Recoveries

LEAP will automatically pick up the relevant Legal Aid rate for Mileage and Other Expenses.

Disbursements entered into the matter will be immediately available for billing and submitting to the Legal Aid Agency.

Criminal Cost Recoveries | LEAP Legal Software UK
Criminal Invoicing | LEAP Legal Software UK


LEAPS integrated Crown Court module will automatically cost your invoice and allow for direct upload of your claim to the Crown Court portal.

Automatically upload your eCRM7 claims to eliminate the need for rekeying of claim information and multiple time entries.

Monthly Bulkload Submission

Criminal law firms can generate the monthly Criminal Bulkload Spreadsheet within LEAP and submit it online to the Legal Aid Agency.

The Criminal Bulkload Spreadsheet will automatically merge all data entered into a matter and auto-populate all reporting fields required for submission.

A summary of monthly submissions is displayed for Criminal solicitors to keep on top of cash flow.

Forms required for proceedings that become Exceptional or proceed to another stage, such as the CRM7 or CRM18 can also be created within LEAP. All Client, Matter and Billing Information is merged to ensure efficiency.

Criminal Monthly Bulkload Submission | LEAP Legal Software UK

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